10 x Thursday Tunes: Songs that made me stronger

These are my so-called ”empowering songs” in random order that have affected me in one way or other -with a positive outcome. And I really believe that one song can actually change your life.

Because it can make you believe in magic; to make you hope even though you only see darkness around you, to give you strength to breathe and dream, to work harder towards your dreams and
to make you believe that life really is a wonderful thing.

This was a song that I listened hours and hours when I battled with an eating disorder.
And when I listened to it, I felt like finally someone understands me and that maybe
I’m gonna be alright.

This song by The National may not be so empowering when it comes to
its lyrics but I just love the sounds in it. The rhythm is something that made me feel
peaceful when my head was a total mess after

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