Beautiful Trauma | Kaunis trauma

Listen to this powerful song while you read about my story with burnout diagnosis.

Laita kuunteluun tämä voimakas biisi samalla kun luet mun tarinani burnout diagnoosin kanssa.

It’s been a while when I wrote about my relationship with dancing and how much
the whole burnout diagnosis changed my life upside down.

It changed my way to look the whole world. It changed my cans into cants. My strengths into weaknesses.
My nightmares into reality. It was something I thought I would never have to go through.

Something that was so painful it hurt like hell to even breathe.

It took away from me everything.

I have found that inner fighter inside me.
The inner fighter who has done absolutely everything to rise above these things.
To rise above with incredible strength and attitude.
To show who controls this and who doesn’t.

But before that I

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