Happy 7th birthday, Fashion Poetry + GIVEAWAY! | Hyvää seitsemättä syntymäpäivää, FP! + ARVONTA

I’ve been blogging since 2006 and the story with this blog began in January 2011 and actually,
I first named this blog as a ”Fashion inside out” which I changed for ”Fashion Poetry” in March 2011.
And I’m still very much in love with this name 😍
When this love story began, it began because of my eternal love for fashion, writing and
photographing. And it also was very clear that I would also write about loving yourself and
write about the life’s heaven and hell’s because I have a voice and I’ve decided to use it
-to encourage other’s to open up, be bolder and more confident with themselves.
Seven years ago I wouldn’t have even a clue that this would be an actual job for me;in 2012 I landed my first collaboration and today I’ve been contacted with over than 50 brands.
From the beginning, this blog has been my calling and a dream come true.And it still

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