Haugesund on a sunny day

On a sunny day like this, there’s no denying that I am in love with Haugesund. This small town might seem like it’s a sleepy one but a little bit of sun and warmth and you can feel it’s beating heart again. And when I say a small town, I mean 36 000 inhabitants so it’s not like a small village. But feels still quite tiny for a girl from a city that has a population of 642 000 (I’m talking about Helsinki here).

Located on the coastline of Norway, Haugesund has a lot of waterlines and the city center is basically build to have easy contact with the fishermen and fishing industry back in the days. Because back in the day, Haugesund was mainly known for its huge source of herring and it’s still one of the things that locals are very proud of. Even an International Jazz Festival that

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