Hello, Mira here! Moikka, Mira täällä!

Like you can see, I’m now with my first name Mira here on the blog too.

The decision to go with my first name wasn’t the easiest one. I’ve been growing together with my middle name, Elisabet, for many years now here on the social media.
One of the biggest reasons why I started using my middle name was the privacy. It’s important because I live in a small city. It’s also something I’ve known for so I thought a lot
about before changing.  But for quite some time now it has felt the right direction and the next big step.

One of the reasons is that when I see people in real life, it’s a little bit confusing; “Hi, I’m Mira, I mean Elisabet, I mean Mira Elisabet” -you know what I mean? Hahah 
And when I’m contacted by brands, it’s also a little bit confusing when telling my home address

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