Life Lately 9/2017 – bullet journal, cat cafe, culture

Hi there ~ I don’t remember if I have mentioned here but I’ve been busy lately. I’m applying to university again because I didn’t get accepted during the spring application period. If I get accepted this time I’d be so happy – the school sounds so interesting ! And I’m the type who’s not easily interested in schools. Anyhow I’ve been busy with studying for the entrance exams. I still have two weeks left before the exam.
I made a welcome page for September for the first time in my bullet journal history. I was trying to make it autumn feel-ish but as you can see it turned out quite summer-ish. If you’re budgeting and have a bad habit to splurge on things – make a need vs. want list ! It has helped me a lot to concentrate on buying only the things from the need side and the want side is still clean ! And you can buy those later on if you feel you still want them.

In the beginning of September I turned 23 ! Wow the time flies so fast. I didn’t even celebrate it at all as it’s nothing special anymore LOL ! Few days after my birthday I went to Drug Restaurant concert. I went alone but it was no big deal – been there before as well. Above are some of the best photos I took during the concert.

My friend came to visit for few days ! We went to cat cafe in Helsinki and the food was sooo good. Especially the ice cream on the picture. And the cats were so cute ;W; Even though it was quite expensive experience it was still worth the money. I totally recommend you to check out this place at least once 🙂 Check out their website here.

I’ve been also studying the manual settings on my camera. A big thumbs up to Catarina from Cosmetic Land for teaching me via FB. Honestly she taught me better than my teachers taught me back in my school ages ago. Getting better step by step !

And lastly – went to Korean Movie Festival at the end of September. They were showing 3 Korean movies for 3 days in a row, one movie per day. I went with my friend to see two movies. We also had some great food before the movies. It was my first time at this side of Helsinki so I was feeling like a tourist LOL ! For the first time in ages I felt that my home country is actually beautiful at least sometimes. This day was that sometimes.

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