Material happiness: Sock shoes | Materialismionnellisuutta: Sukkakengät

Today I like you to meet my favourite pair of shoes; Nila&Nila’s sock sneakers.
I bought these beauties already a months ago; on the last fall so it has been quite a love story already.

The thing I love about these beauties is that statement jewellery on the sides and these are beyond comfy (btw, I think that ”beyond comfy” and ”shoes” are quite a rare thing when put together…). These are also unique and something different -and it gets all the compliments.

When I first saw these beauties, it was a love at the first sight but I didn’t buy those in that moment
because of the price (120€). Well, then I got lucky because I got a discount code for Vamos shop and
eventually paid 80€ with taxes.  That’s a deal.

These beauties have been mine almost 6 months so it was about time that you get to know each other,

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