Tärpit Hulluille Päiville + Ensimmäinen video ikinä

Oh my, can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last published an article for your lovelies. Huh. And the reason is that life just happen and I’ve been really busy with other blog-related (aka work-related) stuff because blogging is mostly more than just publishing new articles. But after this extra-busy cycle, I’m ready to hop on the ride of writing new articles and I hope you’re still here with me!

Let’s start this new cycle with some shopping-related inspiration because Stockmann’s Hullut Päivät is here again with bringing some ah-mazing deals for us; all the way from clothing and beauty to home and electronic-related stuff for women, men and kid’s. And I thought is time for me to step into video-game so I just did my first video ever.  In this video, you can find my favourites from Hullut Päivät event and below the video, you can find straight links to

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