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You might remember me mentioning briefly on my September Haul that I got some products from iUNIK to try out. iUNIK contacted me in August if I’d be interested to try out their products for review purposes. They sent me a list of eight products and said I can choose two products on the list to try out. I chose two but I got three + some samples as well ! Such great service. As the brand is totally brand new for me I chose them really carefully. I got the products during September.
The products I got to try are Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner, Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum and Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream. I’ve been testing out these three products since September and they’ve been part of my skin care routine in the morning and evening. Now I’m almost finished with the products and I figured out it’s time to get the post out. Read more after the cut !

iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Essential Toner (200 ml)

Moisturizing and radiance booster
For dehydrated sensitive skin
Rebalances and softens the skin

Rosa damascena flower water 70 %
Galactomyces ferment filtrate 10 %

First product is this toner which contains rose water. I was a bit scared to try this one at first because I’ve had really bad experience with a toner that had rose water. But I trust Korean skin care and their ingredients more and that is why I wanted to get this one.

Rose is one of my favorite scents but at the same time it can be one of the worst scents if the scent is too strong. Especially in skin care. I was worried for nothing because this doesn’t have too strong scent and it doesn’t irritate my skin either. The scent is really pleasant and disappears after the product is absorbed.

The texture is just like water but a bit thicker. This is not the type of toner you can pour on your hands and pat on the skin. At least I prefer to use this one with cotton pads. It absorbs quite fast and leaves the skin looking bright and ready for the next steps. This one didn’t give me any extra redness and it helped to calm my skin. Usually my skin gets a little red for a while at the toner step – but that’s mostly because of the cotton pads I use as they are too rough.

The INCI list is really clean and all the ingredients are on the green scale regarding safety. Click here to check out the ingredient analysis on COSDNA. This toner is really good for people like me who have really difficult skin. If your skin is dry, acne prone, super sensitive – give this one a try !

iUNIK Rose Galactomyces Synergy Serum (50 ml)

Nourishing and pore control
Powerful Moisturizing
Whitening and wrinkle Care

Galactomyces Fermentation Water 50 %
Rose Water 10 %

Second product is this serum which also contains rose water. This serum has much fainter scent than the toner which also wasn’t too strong as I already mentioned above. The serum comes in a glass packaging but it’s not too heavy so points for that. This serum is a dropper type and I usually use 3-4 drops and it’s more than enough for my whole face.

The product applies really smoothly, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave sticky residue. This is moisturizing enough to be used alone without any creams or lotions afterwards. Sometimes I also do that – especially in the mornings – and my skin doesn’t scream for extra moisture during the day. This makes it really good to use under makeup.

I’ve been using this 1-2 times a day for almost 3 months now and I’m only halfway done using this. The toner is almost finished so this should say something about how little you only need to use this serum at once. Just like the toner this one also doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Although it has few potential irritants it’s still really safe on the COSDNA scale. You can check out the ingredient analysis here.

iUNIK Beta-Glucan Daily Moisture Cream (60 ml)

Beta-Glucan 3,000mg
Hyper Moisturizing
Whitening and Wrinkle Care
Double Functional Cosmetics

The third product – also a surprise product for me – that I got is this moisture cream. This cream has really faint scent but no matter how I smell it I can’t really say what it smells like. So it basically has no scent at all – which is good for people like me who are sensitive with scents in skin care.

This cream comes in a tube which is nice and easy to use. I personally think this is a bit too heavy for my skin during the days when I use makeup. I usually use this during the night and on the days when I don’t go anywhere. It absorbs quite fast and applies nicely but I personally prefer using this one at the night time.

This has definitely helped to fix the moisture balance on my skin. iUNIK recommends this cream for people with dry and sensitive skin and I can totally relate to that. My skin is dry and sensitive but gets oily around the nose and cheek area during the day. Which is another reason why I prefer lighter moisturizers during the day time and then I soak my skin in richer creams during the night. If your skin is similar with mine – I suggest you try this one as night cream.

Out of all three products this cream has the longest INCI. According to COSDNA it’s still really safe although there are few potential acne causers and irritants. Click here to check out the ingredient analysis on COSDNA.

Where to buy iUNIK products?

Good question and you’re lucky because I have an answer to that. You can buy iUNIK products from Unique4U and they ship worldwide. Their English site has all the information you need. They also have 1+1 deals going on and if you spend more than 20$ you can get 10% OFF. Rose is the code you want to use to get the discount.

The best part about their products is that they’re not too expensive. All the products I received are less than 20 dollars ! I love when skin care products are cheap and good for my skin. Who doesn’t love that? Have you tried iUNIK products before? 

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