The first outfit post ever! | Ensimmäinen asupostaus ikinä!

New year, new mood -for the Fashion Poetry too! 😍

I’m so excited about The FP’s future and one of those new things is
doing outfit articles that let you in to my style deeper and hopefully inspire you!

For me, this is a giant step (when you read below you will understand why) but I got
so many questions from the people who see my style that why I don’t show those here
on the blog too because my style is quite… not so mainstream and clearly not so Finnish. Hahah! 😂
And mostly because I would love to do outfit articles too!

When these photos were taken, I shook because I was both nervous and excited at the same time.But the more photos were taken, the more I felt like I was hooked on taking outfit photos.I wondered that why I hadn’t taken outfit photos earlier; why I hadn’t taken this giant step earlierto out

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