Viltsun Positiivisuuskalenteri, luukku 4: Praise for femininity

Praise for femininity

We can wear tiara or crown whenever we want.
We deserve to be treated like our queen too.

A woman is an earthly goddess.
So It´s time to celebrate womanhood.
We are everything and more;
As like a mysterious cat at night
as  The Saint Maria.
At the same time wild and sexy antilope and
sweetest marshmallow cocoa or
a fragile glass unicorn’s horn.

We are beauty and delightful moonlight.
Our attitude can be like a stormy weather and  sunshine after all.

It can be soft warm breeze on your cheek.
Our curves makes them jealous and wanting us more,

We can enjoy all pleasures of being a woman.
We were born in the womb of Mother Nature, the goodness of Mother Earth.
Holiness, goodness and steadfast will flow in our blood.
So will awareness, skill.
Our incredibly wonderful magic is children and breast milk.

Whether we are of any size, look or color,
we are a wonderful selection of sweet cupcakes,
bubbling sparkling wine
and a small salty evening’

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